Nov 28

The crocodilian doth protest too much, methinks

From the excellent Functional Programming in Qi, by Mark Tarver

Nov 28

How to annoy a computer programmer

Kebab shop near... no, the best kebab shop, near Old Street station.

Jun 21

Ready or not, computers are coming to the people.

That's good news, maybe the best since psychedelics.

Steward Brand, Rolling Stone, 1972 (via)

Jan 21

This is why Android will win.

Jan 17

An unpleasant realisation

When the robot uprising occurs, they're gonna kill the programmers first.

May 2

Poison Pie is a nicely appropriate name for these gastrointestinal irritants. Their alternative name, Fairy Cake Mushrooms, is misleading to the point of irresponsibility. (from "Mushrooms", by John Wright; image.)

Mar 29

Sydney's forecast for this week (my dissertation is due Wednesday) EDIT: This forecast turned out to be right :)

Mar 20

Idea: start a gym club for logicians. Call it "The excluded middle".

Mar 19

History and philosophy of science lolcaterpillar, by Catie

Mar 8

It's hard to be concerned about Google's search tracking when they get things this wrong. ("Automotive anything" competes with "reading the digits of pi in a monotone" for thing I am least interested in in the entire world.)

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